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July 6, 2013

A Bigger Someone

Oh no. Not “the look.” This was serious.
That threatening face had surfaced on many a parent as they silently willed their child into obedience. Brows furrowed, mouth crimped, eyes narrowed. And like some stealth Ninja code, it communicated the message loud and clear.
That is until now.
Two-year-old Jude had donned his best parental face to no avail. His most dramatic efforts could not cow his eight-month-old brother into obedience. He had maneuvered his head six inches in front of Daniel’s so the little tyke could not miss the hardened grimace fixed on his mug. But Daniel’s determined crawl had simply detoured sideways, not in the least ruffled, not even slowing.
The rug rat had trekked into the danger zone of Tweety’s cage. Jude had to stop him or someone would surely die. Whether Jude worked to protect Tweety or Daniel remained unclear.
In a panic, Jude jerked back to draw a new line in the sand. This time he would use a body block. He squared into position, soundly crouching on small knees with arms outstretched. But Daniel’s little body energetically shifted as easily as a sports car weaving in and out of traffic, never deterred.
Jude’s horror at the second evasion erupted into a high-pitched scream. “Nana, he’s almost at Tweety!” Traveling two steps, I placed Tweety’s cage onto the counter—rescue complete, problem solved.  
Why couldn’t my hassles be fixed that easily?
Reactions to my own problems have frequently resembled Jude’s. All too often, they overwhelm me, panicking me into sleepless nights, before they even occur. I expend great energy on tactic after tactic to ensure their demise. In the end, my strivings fail.
Luckily, I am learning that I, too, have a Bigger Someone nearby, even closer than two steps away. My Almighty God stands so near that I actually partake of His Divine nature (2 Peter 1:4) He resides in my heart and mind, granting me access to His very character. What an amazing truth! Each attribute or name that describes God is personal to me.
El Elyon, the Most High God, is sovereign, not just over the nations, but over my freaky circumstances. Jehovah-raah, the Lord my Shepherd, leads me through the messes in life. The calming presence of Jehovah-shalom, Lord of Peace, chases away the fear in my own hyperventilating experiences.
In like manner, El Shaddai, the all-sufficient, Almighty God, pours strength onto my pitiful weaknesses. Jehovah-rapha, my Healer, removes the bitter sting from suffering. El Roi, the God who compassionately sees, keeps an eye on every situation I get myself into.
I have full access to the Living God. He has planted Himself within my very soul. Reliance on Him beats a “look” or body block to my problems any day.

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