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January 5, 2013

Iron Will

We arrived home from summer vacation, back into the oven of Arizona’s 114 degree temperature. I desired nothing more than to head back out of town. My marathon-running daughter, however, wanted to jog and took off down the molten asphalt in her track shoes at four in the afternoon. She needed to tackle seventeen miles according to her training schedule.
I also run, in the loosest sense of the word. Unlike my daughter, I never commit to distance or pace. I go by feel. If the temperature and my joints feel right, I run. At the first tinge of discomfort, when I no longer feel like running, I quit. Her iron will puts mine to shame.
I look at the discrepancy between us and rejoice that God’s own commitment to His plans resembles my daughter’s faithfulness more than mine. Although imperfect, her steadfast commitment provides a glimpse into His perfect faithfulness toward His own will. He promises us, “Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand” (Isaiah 14:24).
God is the present tense I AM, who always and continuously exists to fulfill His purposes. Whether or not we realize it, we count on His steadfastness to His will. In the face of death, we cling to the promise of heaven. As we listen to horrors on the evening news, we draw comfort from His pledge to bring justice. We dare to live for Christ now, knowing that one day every knee will bend to His supreme rule. If these truths varied simply because God changed His mind or didn’t feel like it, it would deeply affect our peace and kingdom efforts.
But God’s determination to accomplish His plan remains as constant and lasting as He is. His wonders were planned long ago and have perfect faithfulness attached to them (Isaiah 25:1). The cross stands as our most compelling proof of this faithfulness. Christ never quit.
Though He was fully human—hungering, crying for a dead friend, becoming weary, feeling every blow from the whip, fully experiencing the pain of the cross—He stayed.
Though He was fully God—working miracles, commanding nature, banishing demons, possessing complete power to stop the crucifixion—He stayed.  His will was to redeem us, so He continued, as scheduled.
My daughter’s willingness to suffer through seventeen miles in 114 degree temperatures indicates that she will probably not sleep in on race day. She invests in her plans because she intends to complete them. Likewise, Christ’s faithfulness on the cross proves He will be faithful to the rest of His will. If He remained committed to His purposes in the most difficult circumstance possible, He will stay true to the completion of His mission.
           “The Lord of hosts has planned, and who can frustrate it?” (Isaiah 14:27).

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  1. Ann,
    Love your blogs! They all remind me of Whose hands we are truly in. We are so blessed.